Saturday, 25 March 2017

MMM Palava: Tobi vs Simon (An Honourable in Abakaliki)

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I posted anything on my blog. I have been quite busy with my studies. I am sure y'all must be wondering why I am suddenly blogging today. I just received this story from a very trusted source to share with you guys. 

The story....

"On Wednesday, 22 March 2017; Tobi went to GTBANK @ Pako Bus Stop around the Iyana Ipaja aera of Lagos to withdraw money using his ATM; he discovered he was unable to withdraw money and approached the customer service desk to complain only for him to be arrested by the police. He was taken to the Aera 'M' command at Idimu in Lagos at the instance of GTBANK. With the help of a retired AIG, we were able to get audience with the aera commander who informed us that he had a court order supporting his arrest and subsequent detention pending the arrival of policemen from Abakaliki Area Command, Ebonyi State.

The purported court order was not shown or read to anyone as the Area Commander claimed that only the men from Abakaliki has the right to do so. Immediately, I registered my displeasure with the Abakaliki arrangement and even asked the Area commands if I could approach the court to get another court order restraining the policemen from taking the 19 year old boy to Abakaliki, the Area commander did advise that that wouldn't be necessary as the matter, no matter how serious, can be resolved easily at the instance of the Abakaliki police men. I obliged.

While still trying to figure out what the issue was, we got a call from one Stanley Onyenma (phone Number withheld) introducing himself as an agent managing over 40 МММ (Mavrodi Mundial Movement) account for different people. He made us understand that the bone of contention is the sum of #259,000 that Tobi was suppose to remit to them since October 2016; he further assured that if we can pay the sum to the AccessBank account provided, in good time, the case will just die a natural death. The said money belongs to an influential and highly connected Honorable in Abakaliki (name withheld). It appears Stanley has been trading for the Honorable in the Ponzi Scheme using the name Simon Ogbonna.

At exactly 7:53pm on Friday 24 march 2017, A call was placed to the Nigeria Police Complaint unit on 0805 700 0001 to report this seemingly 'conspiracy like' issue but succor seams far away as a purportedly court order was involved.

At about 8pm on Friday, 24th of march 2017, the Abakaliki police, lead by an ASP who introduced himself as the Aera Crime Officer(ACO) in the company of the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) and two others, eventually arrived at the Aera 'M' police command in Idimu, in a Lagos States registered Toyota Highlander jeep with vehicle registration EKY 808 EC. They were clear on their mandate to bring Tobi to Abakaliki and they said they will be leaving very early with Tobi early morning on Saturday 25th March 2017. 

We pleaded with them to apply their conscience in the process of discharging their duty and ensure that the young boy be treated fairly. The police men conclude what seems like some form of documentation and left almost immediately.
Thereafter, A very senior police officer (names withheld) thereafter advised us to go meet with them at a given hotel. We turned down the advice which obviously was a Greek gift and could do more harm than good.

In my thoughts, can any court in the Federal Republic of Nigerian issue an order to a bank to place Lien on a customer account and facilitate his arrest thereafter over a Ponzi scheme such as MMM? Obviously, there must be a well orchestrated story to have obtain such order (if any).
While every possible legal means will be deployed to pursue this case to is logical conclusion, Nigerians please Watch out for the rest of the story as it unfolds.

As you read please pass on till this illegality get to the notice of the Inspector General of Police and Aso Rock".

N.B: According to my source and some evidence that was shared with me today, Tobi did try to pay the money that he was accused of not paying but he was unable to, as the account (Simon's account) was blocked and he was told by Simon through Stanley who manages Simon's account to pay into another account that still belongs to Simon but with another name. Tobi wasn't aware that the two accounts belonged to the same person and so he was sceptical to pay because he wasn't sure if he was going to be duped after paying the money to this other account only to be accused again of not paying the money to Simon as there would be no proof that he ever paid money into Simon's account but to the another account.
If I was Tobi, I would also be sceptical because a lot of dubious schemes have been happening with this MMM.

I wonder what court order was issued to GT bank to freeze Tobi's account and to arrest him on site if he comes to the customer service to complain. Why are Nigerians still involved in MMM.
Please, if you were planning on joining this MMM, I urge you to keep your money and use it for something better than "investing" in MMM. Learn from Tobi's mistake. 

I will continue to keep you guys posted....Have a great weekend...

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