Thursday, 11 August 2016

Why do women blame the other woman when their partners cheat?

Why is it that the other woman is always being punished more than the husband, when the man cheats.
The video below shows a hooker being thrown out of her customer's apartment naked, by the customer's wife, and the customer (husband) was also helping the wife to throw the hookers clothes, etc.

I know some people may disagree with me on this but if after reading this you don't agree with me, that's fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  

There are some cases where this other women (sidechicks/mistresses) may be the one to initiate the affair with your husband or boyfriend but ask yourself this question, Were these men forced/beaten/tied into the affair (except if they use charm)? I don't think so.

So, If your husband or boyfriend cheats on you, please stop wasting your energy in accusing/beating/embarrassing the women only because at the end of the day, you still forgive these men and move on. So why punish the other woman who may or may not know the man is your husband or boyfriend.

If it's the woman that cheated, is it not her that gets beaten or told to walk outside naked, because I haven't seen many videos where the husband beats up the other man or throws him out in the street naked. 

These are my own views on this issue, tell me yours in the comments section.....Thanks for reading....Cheers! xxx

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