Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Instagram star sensation: Wofaifada


Hey guys, 

This week's posts is mainly going to be on the Entertainment side. Today's post is on one of my favourite female comedians in Nigeria and her name is.........Wofaifada!!!!!!.......Some may wonder who Wofaifada is... Well...

#WCW  #Wofireeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Wofai Egu Ewa, also known by her fans as Wofaifada is one of the most popular young female comedians. She has created a niche for herself in the “male dominated world of comedy” through her hilarious video skits on Instagram (IG).

If you are on Instagram and are not following @wofaifada, then you better add her now. She’s a popular IG sensation with over 250k followers. 

Wofai Ewa, born on May 11, 1990 is a graduate of theatre arts and media, from the University of Calalabar. She hails from Cross river state. Apart from being a comedian both on/off IG, she’s also an MC, TV personality on EbonyLife TV show EL Rated (ELR8D), Model, and many more.

I have never met her before but she seems like a fun, kind, easy going kind of person. If these are false about her, oh well, what can I do. I sha looveee her skits on IG and making bad comments about her ain't gonna stop her from making more videos and money $$$$.

Here are some of her recent skits. Have a great laugh, cos she’s really funny and crazy in a good way😉😉…

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