Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Do not ignore any phone call

Photo source: Poldberg
Pick your call no matter the situation.
My mom shared a story she got via whatsapp, of how a man was killed because he ignored a phone call.
The guy refused to pick his friends call because he was wondering why he's friend would be calling him, when their cars were together in the traffic. He didn't know that his friend was trying to tell him to turn around because armed robbers were on the road. He didn't pick the call, kept on driving, was ambushed by the robbers and then shot by them.

No matter the situation, pick your phone calls, you may never know when its an emergency or something that could save your life, if you had picked. It's the callers credit that's wasting not yours. Also read your messages too.

Thanks for reading, please share with your friends, some people need to read this and change their attitudes to ignoring some calls.