Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Transport system in Nigeria

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Weeks ago, precisely on children's day, I was chatting with my family about where we should go to for children's day with the lil ones in the family and my mind went to Obudu cattle ranch.
As a full blooded Nigerian, I can say I have been to only 3 states out of the 36 states we have in Nigeria, excluding Lagos where I reside. This number does not include places like Benin, where you have to pass through to get to Delta state, I mean places where I have gone to visit friends and families and resided in for a while.

Can you guys imagine, if the transport system in Nigeria was good, like if we had trains that could travel to all the states in Nigeria, wouldn't it be amazing to just hop on the train and go to Obudu cattle ranch like on children's day or Christmas day and be in calabar in 2-3 hours and still return that same day or better still, if flight tickets weren't so expensive to travel within Nigeria, you could be in Calabar in an hour's time.

All these made me think about how many Nigerians can say they have been to up to 5 states in Nigeria not because of Nysc or job posting, i.e you travelled to explore the different states and culture we have in Nigeria.

This also brings me to another area relating to this discussion. I can't give an estimate, but I assume that most middle class income earners, have traveled to one or more countries out of Africa to places like America, England, China, Dubai, Turkey, Malysia, India, etc., but how many Nigerians or any other African person can boast that they have gone to more than one African country excluding Cotonou, because most people would say Cotonou. To me Cotonou is an extension of Nigeria with their own government.....Back to the discussion, how many people have gone to Kenya, Zimbabwe, etc....

I have heard the oyibo people like to travel and explore places. I hear that some of them after school take a year out and travel to different countries. It's easier for them, because in Europe, for example, you can easily get a bus or train and travel to some european countries or take a plane, and flights to some european countries are not that expensive. I got this info from a friend's friend, that ticket to Italy last year doesn't cost more than £40 for a single ticket I think, and in Nigeria currency this is not more than #20,000. If person wan travel go Delta state, with plane, e no go be less than #35,000 for just single ticket. It is well with Nigeria.

I have run out of words to discuss but the main point I want to pass across to anyone that reads through this entire post is that, Nigeria would be a lot better with the transport system working well.

The government should try harder to solve the transport system issue in Nigeria. If the government i.e. the ministry of transport isn't capable of accomplishing this task alone, then they should delegate some parts to private sectors interested in improving the transport system in Nigeria.

If there were other means of transport, there won't be plenty traffic in places like Lagos, people won't have to get home by 12 midnight and leave for work again by 6am. 

The stress from traffic is what is adding to the health problems and the fast aging process of Nigerians. A 30 year old Nigerian is looking like a 50 year old because of stress. It is well oo. I will continue to pray for our country and let's all pray for the growth of country and our leaders as well.

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  1. That was direct, straight-to-the-point, and thought-provoking. I hope the government is reading this - Adedotun

  2. My dear....we will get there