Tuesday, 19 July 2016

SDKs blog being redesigned?

SDKs blog

Looks like Stella Dimokokorkus' blog may be undergoing reconstruction/redesign. I found the above picture this morning, when I tried to read today's posts on her blog.

For all SDK blog readers/ fans, there's gonna be a pause on her blogging, till her blog comes back online.

Congrats to her if she's making changes to her blog 🍻. I hope she gets it done quickly, cause  I like her blog.
She has some interesting blog categories like SDK chronicles, wedding night brouhaha, Omugwo chronicles, SDKs in house news etc., that makes her blog very unique and different from LIB and Bella Naija. That doesn't mean these other blogs aren't unique too, because they are.

P.S: Maybe the domain company hosting her blog hasn't been paid  this month's fee. If she was redesigning her blog, I trust SDK to let her blog readers know this, just saying. It may be something else, but, If anyone has information regarding this, kindly contact me.

Have a good day.

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