Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Republican National Convention: Trump wins

Photo source: Wikimedia commons
The Republican Party (RP) or Grand Old Party (GOP) has officially declared Donald J. Trump as the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee.

The Republican National Convention delegates held a state-by-state vote, which began shortly after 6 p.m on Tuesday and ended a couple of minutes past midnight.

Mr. Trump is officially the RP's candidate for presidency, and thus all efforts of those in the party to deny him this position will finally end, hopefully.

Votes needed to win : 1,237
Trump: 1,267

Some states like Pennsylvania deferred but he still won and exceeded the required number of votes to win.

Donald Trump Jnr. closed the voting, by reading the votes for New York  and thus declaring his father, the RP nominee for President, with 89 delegate votes from New York.

Who will be president of America, Trump or Clinton?

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