Thursday, 28 July 2016

Nigerian drivers should be appreciated

Nigerian drivers are superb👌. A Nigerian taxi driver would take you to your destination without asking you or anyone for directions.

We have can now use GPS for directions but before streets, roads, etc had their name tags for GPS to work well, drivers in Nigeria could easily get you to your destination. You just give them the address and they would take you there.

Lagos is a very big place and for a driver to know almost every area in Lagos, kudos to these guys.
I can't even drive myself to a new area twice, without asking for directions the second time yet a Nigerian driver would take another customer to the same address the second time without asking for directions👏👏👏.

We forget sometimes to thank  them for their services. So today, I would like to thank every driver, whether you are a bus driver, taxi driver, companyy driver, family driver, etc. Thank you so much for your good work and this is on behalf of every Nigerian that may have forgotten to thank you for your service. Keep doing an excellent job.

We should all try to appreciate these drivers, even though some of them may have annoyed you in the past, that doesn't stop you from saying thank you to other drivers, it won't kill you or remove anything from you.

Thanks for reading. Please share, so every Nigerian reads this and changes their attitude towards drivers in Nigeria.

P.S: Appreciate all drivers not just Nigerian drivers o. 

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  1. True talk.. I guess most people just focus on the negative aspect of these people... Nice wake up call