Sunday, 17 July 2016

Murder of Deaconess Eunice Olawale

We all must have heard about the gruesome murder of Deaconess Eunice Mojisola Elisha Olawale whilst she was out for her early morning evangelism around Gbazango, Kubwa, Abuja. She was hale and hearty the penultimate morning before her death.
Different media pages have been saying she may have been ready for the journey of no return, as she had recently printed a Christian tract titled, “Final Destination". So, if she was ready nko. This doesn't justify why she should be killed in such a gruesome manner.

This incident is among many other gory murders that have been linked to religious intolerance in Nigeria. A month ago in Kano, Mrs. Bridget  Agbaheme, a 74-year-old Christian, was murdered at Wambai Market. Last week, a clergyman of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), Reverend  Zakariya, was killed in Obi LGA of Nasarawa State.

We all know what's been happening in France and America. People all over the world have protested against all these unjustified killings happening over there.
How many protests have been done in Nigeria regarding these recent incidents? Why are all the churches in Nigeria not protesting?
The one that they managed to do is being kept on hold, according to the Chairman, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) chapter of CAN, Rev. Israel Akanji.

Are there any ongoing investigations regarding these cases, as no names for the perpetrators have been released to the public.
What's President Buhari's opinion regarding these incidents? This recent incident occurred in the federal capital and nothing has been said or done to prevent such incidents from occurring anywhere else in Nigeria.

Like Paul, who used to be a persecutor of Christians before he was saved and then an apostle of God, may the souls of these killers be saved but that doesn't mean there won't be consequences for their sins.



  1. This government seems to be empowering a particular religious group by disregarding their excesses.