Wednesday, 20 July 2016

“Men can cheat because we bought the wedding ring” Derrick K. Bonney

Derrick Kobina Bonney

In an interview with Joy FM’s lifestyle and entertainment programme Rhythm A to Z, Derrick Kobina Bonney, also known as “King of Ghanaian Comedy” said:

“….when your man cheats, leave him to God….You don’t payback. Men can cheat because we bought you the wedding ring and we organised the wedding and you bear our surname. Even the word bride means cook. The man does not bear the woman surname so we own you. We take charge of you that’s why you bear our surname".

Blah blah blah blah….. Really? 

So because you bought the ring, organised the wedding and we now bear your “surname” that’s why you should be given the green card to cheat. 

First question, was he drunk when he gave this interview. Is he married? If he is, what does his wife think about this statement he made?

If the woman proposes to the man or she sponsors the wedding, is the bread winner of the house but she bears your surname, cooks, cleans the house, pleasures you and bear your children who also carry your “surname”, does this mean, she is allowed to cheat or is it still the man that’s allowed to cheat?

Make una help me answer this question.

P.S: Maybe he has an upcoming show and needs the spotlight to be on him this period.



  1. Chai.... May God save us from such people... Cheat fire... Mthewww😬

  2. Don't mind this man, he doesn't understand what marriage is all about. I reject this kind of man for my girls and any girl close to me. In Jesus name. Amen