Monday, 18 July 2016

Nude or fully clothed maternity photo shoots?

Photo source: Wikimedia commons and Newswireng

Maternity photo shoots are trending. It's no longer celebrities doing this, almost every pregnant woman wants to have a maternity photo shoot.

There's nothing wrong with doing a maternity photo shoot for you and your family, that's your business. I like the fact that these maternity photo shoots are meant to encourage other expecting mothers to feel positive about their bodies. 

The woman's body changes as her pregnancy progresses i.e. her stomach becomes round, stretch marks on her belly/ thighs/ breasts, dark line running along her abdomen (linea nigra), etc. Some women are not happy with these changes, and they need such encouragements from their fellow pregnant women.

What I don't get, is why these days, people can't express themselves without using nude pictures. 
If you are gonna share a maternity photo shoot with the world, to encourage other mothers, why  share the nude ones, a photo of yourself in a beautiful maternity gown that showcases your belly would also fulfil the same purpose as the nude ones but much better to me.

Some pictures are meant to be kept private and not shown to the world. There are other ways to encourage mothers, a video or letter addressed to pregnant women all over the world, telling them to love their bodies and be focused on other things like the welfare of their growing babies, etc.

This is just my own opinion sha, to some these nude pictures are a work of art.......

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section.....

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  1. Work of art fire!!!!😠😠 Taaa!!!!😬😬😬 There are other ways to showcase a work of art.. It's just wrongπŸ˜‘