Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Keep your phones and enjoy the show

Photo credit: dw.com
Dear people,

Please keep your phones and cameras away and enjoy the damn show you came for and stop using your devices to take pictures or videos and blocking short people or people sitting down from seeing what's happening on stage.

It is very annoying when you go for an event and maybe something spectacular is about to happen during that event like a dance, song or comedy presentation, and suddenly everyone is bringing out their devices to record, we know you'll have iPhones and the lastest video cameras, but please consider the remaining people at the back, we can't see when y'all are standing and taking your pictures and videos. 
What vexes me most, is, y'all don't watch the videos, well except when y'all want to show your friends.

I really loved when at a wedding I attended last week, the host or so told everyone to sit in their seats and not get up to take pictures of the couple as they were entering the reception hall, because trust Nigerians, phones and cameras would be everywhere blocking the view of those sitting down.

Thank you for reading this, I know am guilty of this sometimes, but when everyone in front is standing and blocking my view, I no tall, so I gats stand too. Let's try to change this attitude abeg.

Yours lovely,
A very concerned blogger

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