Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Incestuous relationships

Photo source: IGN. Photo modified by me.

We all know what the word incest means, but just to remind us again "Incest is a sexual activity between family members or close relatives", Wikipedia.

This taboo is still happening and it's becoming more rampant in our society.
Fathers sleeping with their daughters or step - daughters is the most popular incestuous relationship. Incestuous relationships usually occurred through rape, but now, it looks like both parties involved consent to this forbidden act, that doesn't mean, others aren't occurring through rape, because it still happens that way.

I watched a movie, which is based on a book titled "flowers in the attic", the first part in the Dollanganger book series by VC Andrews. 

This book/movie is a classic example of an incestuous relationships. It's about a woman who marries her half uncle, who also happens to be her half brother (still cracking my brain on this). They have 4 children, a boy and a girl, then twins, also a boy and a girl. The first daughter and son also become husband and wife due to being locked up in an attic for years by their mother and grandmother. 

How do you explain this kind of relationship to your children?
That your family line is made up of incestuous relationships. I was surprised that none of the 4 kids were born deformed, which sometimes happen with incestuous relationships, especially when they come from a family of incestuous relationships or the parents are very closely related (brother and sister).

I watched a Nigerian movie today about incest (didn't get the title, as it was already playing and didn't bother to ask for the title), and this prompted me to write about it.

The movie was about a woman (played by Ufuoma McDermott) sleeping with her nephew, then getting pregnant for the boy. She ended the relationship with the boy, met a man ( played by Saheed Balogun) got married, and had her nephew's baby for her husband, who didn't know about the baby not being his until the end. The husband was a good man to stay with her after such revelation.
What are they going to tell the child to call the man that impregnated his/her mother? Dad or cousin?

May we never find ourselves in such situation, because, this kind of news is devastating and can lead to murder and/ suicide.

But, If you were the child of such relationship, wetin u go do?

P.S: God doesn't approve of incest, as we can see in Leviticus 18, especially in verse 6, which says, "You must never have sexual relations with a close relative, for I am the Lord", NLT.

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  1. Abomination!!!! May this never be our portion IJN

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