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Hey guys, sorry I have not been blogging regularly. I am making some changes to my blog, so bear with me. Thank you.

Soo, back to the reason you opened this post. I've decided to start something new on this blog. I am going to be doing reviews on hair i.e. on weaves and hair styles.

I know some girls before they do their hair, they must have researched the hairstyle they want and most likely the weave to use  ( Yes o, you read it correctly, some girls do research on hair style πŸ˜‰). I am guilty of this, ain't nothing wrong with that.

I decided to make this style of hair after much research on Google.

Next, I needed to get the weave to make this style and I was advised by my lovely sister to try Classic hair brand ( according to her they are better than chocolate for curly hair weaves).

I went to various hair shops around Ajah and none of them had the classic brand for the hairstyle. I was shown other weaves that would give me something close to the hairstyle but I didn't like any of them neither did I believe that any of the weaves could make the hairstyle I wanted.
I finally went to a shop in Ajah market where I was told that Angle not Angel hair weave would definitely give me the exact style. Two other hair shops in the market gave me this same weave, so I thought it was the real deal.

Sorry for the bad picture. Style is Romance curls 😏

Wroong 😱😭. My hair dresser said the weave wouldn't give me the hair style I wanted. I had three choicesπŸ‘Œ, I either go back and change it to something else or get a refund and keep looking or just use the weave I bought and do something else.

Going back  to the market and searching for another weave was out of the option. I didn't want to spend more money on transport or meet any traffic in Ajah. I finally decided to manage the weave and do something else.

I hated the hair at first because it wasn't what I wanted but after a while, I began to like it (a few hours later πŸ™ˆ).

The weave is not bad. It's going to be 5 days old today. It's not hard neither is it very soft, just in between. I didn't know how to maintain the curls when brushing the hair but I can brush the hair better now without removing all the curls 😁😊.

If anyone knows any cheap hair weave that can make this hairstyle, because I  still want to make it, please let us know, because  am sure, some female or male viewers would love to know. Thank you.

P.S: It would be nice to read other people's hair reviews. So, if you want me to post yours, you can contact me via email at 

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