Thursday, 9 June 2016

RAPE !!! RAPE !!!! RAPE !!!

Photo source: West midlands police

So, I've decided to write about rape today. How it's become rampant in our society and to make us more aware of it.
There's no need for an explanation of rape , as it has become more prevalent and affected more people especially young children in recent times.

There's no discrimination when it comes to rape, gender, age, religion, beauty, race, e.t.c., don't matter when it comes to rape. We should help and not judge or condemn those that have fallen victim to rape.

Paedophilia is another form of rape, where an adult (usually over 18) has a sexual attraction to children. It's a psychiatric or psychosexual disorder, because it's abnormal to have sexual fantasies about children, when there are willing adults to have sex with.

The increasing rate of rape and paedophiles around the world, should make everyone most especially parents to be more alert when it comes to the well being of one's own life and the lives of children. Whether it's a boy or a girl, there should be a strong bond between a child and his/her parent/guardian, so the children can easily confide in them especially when it concerns rape. Parents need to pay attention to what their children tell them and trust whatever the children confide in them with wisdom.

Every adult not only parents are busy trying to progress in their careers, hustling for money or job, e.t.c., and because of that, some parents neglect their children and leave them in the care of others such as nannies, uncles, aunties, teachers, drivers, etc.

I Thank God the rate of rape in Nigeria is not as high as in countries like India and South Africa, but the rate of rape is increasing in Nigeria. Alas, the Nigerian government has provided some emergency lines to call in situations like rape, e.t.c., and the justice system is improving in such situations.

Two stories made me decide to write this post on Rape.

First was a news report shared on my mum's Facebook page yesterday, which showed a picture of a 48 year old driver naked, who was caught defiling his employer's 14 year old daughter, he was told to pick from school.

The second was a narrative report shared by a Rape victim's mother on Aunty Landa's show on Inspiration radio channel,  which described how a "so called Pastor" and "childrens teacher" in church sodomized some young boys of his church as well as defiled some young girls in his community, these children are said to be between the ages of 7-13 years old. The police who are to bring justice to the families of these victims were said to be looking for bribe before they could arrest the offender.

In such a situation, a sentence of 10 - 20 years in prison would be given to the offender, but is this enough to wipe away such horrific events from the victim and their families lives?
In some western countries such offenders may be released early for good behavior but am sure that's not the case in Naija. The death penalty may be harsh but is it sufficient justice?

The new punishment Indonesia, some states in America and some European countries have adopted for sex offenders, is the chemical castration. Chemical castration is one of two types of castration whereby drugs are used to reduce libido and sexual drive but it's not a form of sterilization.
Chemical castration isn't permanent but it's a much better punishment for this sex offenders, because it reduces their sexual drive and libido to commit such heinous crimes.

I think the Nigerian government should look into this form of punishment, as it's a much faster way of justice than going to court.

My advice to parents and every young girl or boy is to be alert and careful with the people you surround yourself with, you don't know if the nice guy you meet at the club is a rapist or ritual killer, or if the uncle or neighbor or pastor you leave your children with is a paedophile. Am not saying every uncle or guy at the bar is a rapist, just that we should shine our eyes.

Ladies do not fall asleep in the bus or cab when you know you are alone. Don't enter any car when you know you are drunk and not with friends you trust.

To any child reading this, do not be afraid to confide in your parents, if you have been molested or raped, don't believe what the rapist tells you. He/she may say they will kill you or your parents if you talk, they can't harm you if you tell your parents. If you can't confide in your parents, talk to someone you can trust, it may be your aunty, your pastor, or your teacher in school. Don't keep such a thing secret, as it's not gonna help you, or keep the next person this offender is gonna target safe. So talk so you can save another child from falling victim to rape.

I hope this post makes us more aware of rape in our society.

Have a wonderful day.

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