Thursday, 2 June 2016

President Buhari did not cancel his trip to Ogoni land, Rivers state

I was skimming through Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimoko Korkus's blog this evening, and came across a post about President Buhari cancelling his trip to Ogoni land, Rivers state for the commencement of the oil spillage clean up exercise.
Further inquiry regarding this post led me to Vanguard's website were they stated that the President didn't cancel his trip but was "represented" by the Vice- President.
This is not the first time our President is sending the Vice-President to represent him at events relating to the country.
My question is this, why doesn't he send the Vice-President to represent him in events like the anti-corruption summit held last month in London? He's the President not VP Osinbajo , why cancel or be "represented" by the Vice- President at the last minute?, what is so important that he can't be present himself for such occasion? He says he has been traveling out of the country to seek help for Nigeria, but he can't make this oil spillage clean up exercise a priority. This is a remarkable event for the country, as oil spillage has been destroying the environment in some areas in the Niger delta (oil capital of Nigeria).
It's a year and a few days since he has been President and there has been a lot of changes of which the negative changes are overshadowing the few good changes.
I just hope and pray that all the changes he's gonna make regarding the country like the hike in fuel price, are for a greater cause to make Nigeria prosperous again.
Change is not immediate and President Buhari has a lot of issues to resolve, we just have to keep praying that God should use him to help and not destroy Nigeria.

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