Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Bay lounge review

Hey guys, so, I've decided to start writing reviews about places of interest that I have visited in Nigeria. Well it's going to be places mostly in Lagos, as I don't travel much.

Today's review is about a restaurant/bar/lounge on 24 Admiralty road, lekki phase 1 called Bay lounge. A friend suggested this place as one of the popular hangout spots on the island.
Sorry no pictures, I was having a swell time with my friends, that I forgot to take pictures of the place.

I love how spacious the place is, with enough parking spots, that you don't need to start searching for parking spots on the road, like most restaurants in Lagos with few parking spots. It has both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor setting is very beautiful and it overlooks the bay but the indoor setting wasn't much like a restaurant, it looked more like a high school cafeteria than an upscale restaurant, especially as the place has a google rating above 4 stars.

The customer reception service was poor, I and my friends went there for lunch, and during this time of the day most people are at work,so not a lot of customers to be expected, but still, the reception service could have been better. The manager and the waitress that greeted us after we found a table for ourselves, were at least very nice to us .

After placing our food orders, we had to wait more than an hour before our foods were served, the ice in our drinks had all melted. Despite the long wait, our foods were all good. The Jollof rice was amazing, very spicy and delicious. I got a taste of their yam chips and I must say that it was the best yam chips I have tasted, the sauce was very tasty and spicy too and the kebabs were also very nice. 
I must commend the chef at this place because all the foods I ate were delicious. They need to improve on their timing though, so they don't lose customers.

They also need to improve on the presentation of their drinks, if you are going to add lime or lemon, add a slice of it not the lime or lemon peel. Lol....I know the prices of food have gone up in the market but it's not that bad, you can't minimize or cut down on the proportion of food when it comes to business, the economy should not affect the service you provide to your customers.

Overall, Bay lounge is a excellent place to hang out with your friends or other loved ones either during the day or at night. I think it would be much nicer to go there in the evening, because there would be more people, and music. I hear they have live bands there, so that's great.

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P.S: I saw some boats parked in the premises, so I think they offer boat rides or maybe you can book the boats to host a party and they would cater for the foods. If anyone knows more about the boats parked at Bay lounge, please let me know, so I can share this and anyone interested in visiting the place can have more information about the place. Thanks.

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