Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ajah - Epe road

First, I would like to thank the Governor of Lagos state, Akinwunmi Ambode, for finally relieving the residents of Ajah, Abraham Adesanya and Sangotedo of the agony of Ajah roundabout traffic. For many years, the traffic at Ajah has been horrible.

To my own understanding and to some, the roundabout at Ajah was constituting the heavy traffic from Alesh hotel to the roundabout. It's a very short distance that's supposed to be five minutes or less by car or bus but then it takes you 1hr or more just to get past the roundabout.
The People staying in Ajah, still face some minor traffic at around Akins bus stop mostly and some other locations within Ajah, due to the bad spots along Ajah road.

With the commencement of the Ajah bridge, the traffic towards Ajah roundabout has reduced due to the roundabout being closed off for the bridge construction and a new route created for those living in Ajah.
The only hiccup with this diversion is that the traffic which used to be around Ajah roundabout has now moved into Ajah. This traffic  sometimes starts from the Illumination church to Akins bus stop ( usually takes 10 minutes but now it takes 2-4 hours) and this is due to the pot holes on the roads.

These bad spots are currently being fixed. My issue with this, is, why did the people in charge of fixing this problem have to wait till when the road became worse? Why do they have to work on weekends when they know most Lagosians usually go out for owambes, e.t.c. on  saturday? Why do they have to work during the day and constitute more traffic

I would like to suggest that it would be better if they could work on the roads from midnight to the early hours of morning, to prevent traffic and enable them to work well without distractions and finish the job quickly.

The Lagos state government should please do more to help reduce the traffic at Ajah.

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