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Book review: Nothing but time Angeline Fortin

Title: Nothing but time

Author: Angeline Fortin

Publication: January 31st, 2012 (1st edition)

Sorry no bookcover due to copyright.


Kate  Kallastad, a 24 year old biochemist didn't expect to time travel over 136 years into the past on her first date with Dr. David Fergusson, a quantum physicist at her workplace at RAL ISIS laboratory. 

Stranded in the past with Dr. Fergusson, who's the source of their predicament and her only hope to returning home, Kate takes the job as a maid in the new Earl of Harrowby's household.

Brandon Ryder, the new Earl of Harrowby, is handsome, commanding and aristocratic. He is trying to adapt to his new position and this includes him hiding his other passions that society would frown on with someone of his status.

Brandon is reserved where Kate is outgoing, conventional where she is eccentric. The attraction between this two is quick, passionate and very liberating to someone like Brandon, who has had a distant relationship with his family.

Though Brandon continues to deny his attraction to Kate, due to social boundaries, where a gentleman isn't allowed to trifle with the help. 

An opportunity arises for them to set aside all risks, regrets and denial, but will they find happiness and a life together with this opportunity.

This is the first book of Angeline fortin's that I have read to the end. The first book I tried to read by her was "My heart's in the highland", but a reader's comment for this book on Goodreads suggested that nothing but time was much better, so I decided to read it. Am glad I took the advice of that reader, because I absolutely love this book. I love how the characters were able to confront every obstacle they encountered, to find happiness and enjoy their relationship.

I like the fact that Angeline Fortin  added the prime directive, the policy of non -interference and tried to make sure her characters adhered to this rule.

Although the attraction between  the hero and heroine was immediate from the first encounter, Angeline made the relationship (between Brandon and Kate) progress at a steady pace and not let lust override the relationship. I really appreciate the fact that this book was not filled up with over explanative sex scenes.

The characters in this book were all likable except for Mrs Ryder, which everyone who has read this book, would agree with me. Mrs Ryder was an arrogant and evil woman even to her own children. I disliked her character and was happy when the Earl finally put her in her place. Angeline Fortin could have written this book without adding Mrs Ryders part, but no good author would make a book especially a romance novel without adding obstacles such as Mrs Ryder to make the book more intriguing to the readers.

I didn't really expect the ending to turn out like it did, but Angeline Fortin really stuck to the policy of non-interference, and I agree now with how it should end for both of them. But I would have loved an epilogue, just to get a glimpse of how their lives (Brandon and Kate's especially) progressed afterwards.

I got something from this book during the process of writing this review, which is, we should never let peer pressure from friends or families make us do things that we don't want to do, so we don't regret our actions later on.

In summary, Nothing but time is an excellent book for anyone looking to read a book that's got historical romance and a bit of science fiction. 

P.S: This is my first blog book review.

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